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        Artwork by Cheryl Radford, “Dundas Streetscape (Clarence to Wellington),” Photographed by Wyn Geleynse

        The London Arts Council (LAC) works with public, private, and community partners to build and sustain Londoners’ awareness of, involvement in, and support for all artistic disciplines across the city.

        Our programs in education, health, and community provide paid opportunities for professional artists to create and deliver artworks as well as, support arts organizations in London, ON.

        News and Stories

        Featured Story

        Indigenous London Arts

        Curator Summer Bressette and Designer Katie Wilhelm lead the London Arts Council team in curating a virtual space to celebrate, honour, and share local Indigenous arts and culture in the spirit of the Two-Row Wampum and Two-Eyed Seeing.?

        This virtual space represents a commitment from the London Arts Council to foster relationship building, as the consensual sharing of knowledge concerning Indigenous history, culture, and philosophy is the first step in this process.


        The London Arts Council is committed to working in peace and healing with all Indigenous people. We work closely with the surrounding First Nations communities: Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames, and Munsee-Delaware Nation.


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